We offer six (6) cabin and four (4) cabin accommodation modules. The modules are intended for the accommodation of "Special Persons" in accordance with the SPS Code 2008.

The modules as accommodation units are dedicated to accommodation of "Important services" in accordance with DNVGL-ST-E272 .

The Accommodation Modules comply with DNVGL-ST-E272 – 2.7-2 Offshore Service Modules, Feb 2016 and DNV-ST-E273 – 2.7-3 Portable offshore units, May 2022.

Accommodation Modules approved for the lifting operation according to DNV-ST-E273, these units have been approved as Type D units with an operational class R00-SE (MGW 35t and 45t) for lifting in harbour.

The average cabin area is 8 m2 with a height of 2.1 m. Each of them is equipped with a separate bathroom with floor comfortable heating (temperature controlled), including a vacuum toilet, washbasin, shower and mirror. Each cabin has a separate 30-liter hot water storage boiler located in the inspection bay directly behind it, as well as a connection to outlet ventilation.

Picture 1 – example of standard sanitary module

The cabins include interior equipment such as :

Double beds (with upper pull-man) with lower drawers for bedding

Two-seater sofa

Desk with chair

Two single-door wardrobes

Openable windows with storm protection.

In order to provide users with thermal comfort, the cabins are also equipped with a heated floor (with temperature control), a dedicated air conditioner and a supply ventilation system with the ability to regulate the temperature within 18-28 degrees. Exactly the same adjustment option in the summer is provided by the LG Standard 2 air conditioner with a power of 9000BTU.

The floor in the module is of the floating type and the entire room is finished with a vinyl floor covering. The walls and ceilings are made of panels with a pleasant, light finish. In the cabins, there are reading lamps and sockets for phone chargers next to the beds. Above the desk top there are further double European standard electrical sockets. LED lighting was installed both in the cabins and in the corridor. Additionally, two electric heaters with a power of 800 W each were installed in the corridor.

Each module has its own sanitary sewage disposal station based on a proven vacuum set based on the JETS 15MB VCS pump with a 150-ltr vacuum accumulation tank. The pump set with the tank was placed in a specially designated technical room, which also houses the main electrical switchboard, a supply fan with a heater, an exhaust fan for toilets, control elements for the comfort ventilation system and security system devices.

The modules have external connection sockets with a load capacity of 125A and require an electrical supply of 3x230V/60hz. Sanitary water should be supplied through a 1" threaded connection, and sewage is pumped outside through flange-type reinforcement in size PN16/DN40. All water installations have shut-off valves enabling trouble-free disconnection of the module and transport to a new location.

The accommodation modules have ready to connect to ship’s systems : PA/GA speakers , two ways communication device and heat/smoke detectors as well as portable fire extinguishers.

The structure of the modules includes container sockets in the corners, which allow for easy mounting on board of the vessels.

The weight of the finished, equipped module is around 45 T for the 6-cabin version and 38T for the 4-cabin version. The modules are equipped with special transport eyes for lifting operations.


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